Santa Lucía Eye Clinic

With over 25 years of experience backed by vision care.


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Clínica Santa Lucía es la primer clínica oftalmológica en el occidente del país, en donde se otorga una atención integral a los problemas de la visión.

Provide medical and surgical care to improve the quality of life and restore the physical health of those with eye problems, using cutting-edge technology, to attend the general population, with highly qualified specialists, ensuring that our staff meets national and international quality standards, at fair prices, while respecting fundamental ethical principles for the benefit of our users.

Be a leading institution with national and international recognition, committed to quality and dedicated to continually improving eye care with advanced technology to provide greater comfort to our patients.

Universality: Provide highly specialized services in ophthalmology to those who need it.
Vocation of Service: Workers of the institution will maintain the mystique of serving the people requesting the service.
Humanitarianism: Treat patients with sensitivity, warmth and respect for their poor state of health.
Ethics: Patient care under moral principles respecting their dignity, integrity, modesty and autonomy.
Professionalism: The staff that integrates this body will provide services with high levels of competitiveness always focused on recovering and preserving eye health, for the benefit or our patients and the community.
Creativity: All medical and administrative actions should contain a high sense of assertive creativity to solve problems regarding eye health.
Self-criticism: The medical and administrative practice will evaluate itself in a constructive atmosphere, promoting institutional growth and the development of those who make up the team.
Effectiveness and Efficiency: Actions developed by the different working groups at Santa Lucia Eye Clinic will aim at constant improvement, take into account cost-benefit and help raise the quality standards of the services we provide at a fair price.
Congruence: Ensure the facts reflect the coherence between action and everyday thinking, in light of the commitments made.

Our Services

Here are some of our services


Refractive surgery (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism).

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Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation for astigmatism.

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Correction of alterations in the position and function of the eyelids and their annexes.

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